"The Warden"


An old fisherman that lives alone in the bogs of Guramag near the coast of the Lustrian jungle.

The party met him by being led to his hut by Rakeesh, who told them he could help.

He had a friendly attitude towards the party and offered them food and warm beds.

The use of a “Detect Magic” spell revealed to the party that his entire hut was radiating strong magic.

He explained the to party that the only way to leave the jungle was with Sidisis permeation and told them where to find her.

He gifted Lorilin a Figurine of Wondrous Power, a small wooden corgi figurine that is used to summon Ain.

He came to the parties rescue after their failed attempt to convince Sidisi to let them leave or even live.

Has the respect of Sidisi even though she seems to despise him.

"The Warden"

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